The Vinegar Bible : The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New / Newly Translated out of the Original Tongues / And with the Former Translations diligently Compared and Revised. By his Majesties special Command . Printed by John Baskett (1716)




First edition.The Vinegar Bible 1717 – 1716
The Very Rare Edition “B”
A  set of the famed ‘Vinegar Bible’ published by John Baskett of Oxford. Dibdin notes this Bible as ‘the most magnificent’ of the Oxford Bibles. The first edition of the ‘Vinegar Bible’ which is known as such due to the erroneous ‘The parable of the vinegar’ instead of ‘vineyard’ above Luke XX  to the New Testament. This variant has the 1717 imprint to the Old Testament and the 1716 imprint to the New Testament. Printed by John Baskett, who was the King’s printer. He wished to produce a high quality Bible, in a folio edition, that would become a presentation piece used in churches and aristocrats. This particular edition, which contains many neo-classical engravings by James Thornhill and Michael van der Gucht. Original goatlether bindings. The 2 volumes are in a poor condition, needs restauration. The price is therefore low. For more information please mail.